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So hi everyone. I’m doing fine. Got my driver’s permit and I’m getting comfortable enough behind the wheel to actually consider heavy duty highway driving. I’ve decided on a career for myself and I’m going to dedicate this upcoming school year to my science classes. I’ve been eating healthier and family drama has finally settled down. We’ve moved out to the country and things are a lot calmer, a lot less stressful. Things are going well for me right now. Figuring out my life and all that.

Now, obviously I haven’t been over here in quite a while. Adam is gone and so is Swift; they’re both really happy with how things have worked out and I haven’t felt the need for them to interact with anyone. So I will be putting this blog under an indefinite hiatus. Adam is happy and alive and living with Pan and his daughter. He’s going to stay that way for quite a while. Swift is making herself scarce in the city, hiding out and just watching things silently. It’s doubtful she’s going to make another appearance again.

I want to thank you all for sticking with me back when I rp’d these two. It meant a lot. Feel free to unfollow this blog and Swift’s, since it’s doubtful I’ll ever come back to either of them. I will not be deleting this blog since there’s just so much I’ve done here.

And I guess I should jut let the cat out of the bag and say that you can find me here or here from here on out. I know a few of you follow me on both, and it was nice to be someone else for a bit.

Alright, I think that’s it. Again, thank you everyone and I wish you the best!


    “—Okay, but seriously though. Don’t set tanks on fire. While it might help burn off whatever walkers are crawling all over it, it’s really dangerous to drive and there’s a huge chance the flames will reach the engine. It’s super dangerous and can do more harm than good.”



"Knowing you? Both would somehow be on fire by the end of that.”

     ”Yeah, but nine out of ten times, tanks being on fire isn’t directly my fault.”



"This implies that you’re about to try and convince me you wouldn’t figure out how to set it on fire first."

    “I hope you mean the hive and not the tank. Even I know better than to set fire to a tank.” Shut up Adam, you’ve tried to set fire to an old tank before.



"Someone drove a tank through a Hive. I’d blame this on Adam but he’s not the joyriding type.”

     ”Aw man, you can’t honestly think that I wouldn’t do that.”




"I can’t believe you can even be in the same room with me. 

   Look at me even.

       After the shit I did.

She shakes her head. 

"I don’t deserve you."

    “You’re my wife. I still love you. I told you there’s nothing you can do that will change that, and I still mean it.”


"But this isn’t okay. I thought you had control over your virus? Enough to not attack Blackwatch soldiers who gave you a chance to go."



She’s silent. 

"This is my fault. All of it. Not yours.”  


 ”Doesn’t mean I can’t still be upset.”

     ”I’m not happy with what has to happen, but it has to happen.” [Sighs, rubbing the back of his neck and letting his head fall back and his eyes close]

"God, sometimes I wish I hadn’t decided to rejoin Blackwatch.."

blacknetx whispered: We need to talk. Please see me at your earliest convenience. -LtGen Thomas Zehntner



    Yes sir.

Zehntner sat down heavily in his own chair, raking a hand through his short, iron-grey hair.  ”And you are no doubt aware that the mentioned subject aggressed on our men last night, unprovoked.  I will show you the footage if requested, but I don’t think you need to see it.”  You will not like what you see, soldier, he thought unhappily.  He clasped his hands in front of him, elbows on his desk, and leaned forward, his gaze picking up Adam’s.

"What you probably do not know is why I signed off on that NKO in the first place.  It was because I knew about you two.  I want this off the record, understand, soldier?  I was trying to help you.  Help you both.  But what I saw in that footage has made me question my decision.  That is what this is about.  Neither you nor your daughter are in trouble.  But this is serious, soldier.”

He took a breath before continuing.  ”I have the Specialist’s word that he will deal with it.  Do not think I am blind to the goings on between him and the Evolved.  I have faith in his ability to deal with the situation, and it is not my belief that he will terminate her.  But this?  This can’t happen again.”  He sat up straight.  ”What are your thoughts?  You may speak freely.”

For a split second he wanted to see the footage. Wanted to see what she had done, what damage she had caused. But the look on Zehnther’s face immediately shot that desire down. That bad?

His gaze lowered back down the file as he listened, as he thought. His shoulders relaxed slightly —Zoey isn’t going to be brought into this— then tensed right back up. Cross is going to deal with it. He hated the way that sounded. Whatever is going to happen, it isn’t going to be pretty.

The soldier didn’t speak right away. Just tried to construct his words into sentences that didn’t sound like the angered words of a concerned husband and father. “This whole thing came as quite a shock. I know she’s an Evolved and I should have at least prepared for the possibility of this happening and yet..” He shook his head, sighed, and met the Lieutenant General’s gaze.

    “If the Captain decides that it is him who should deal with the situation, then so be it. I’m going to have to trust you when you say you believe she won’t be killed. And I only say that because I know she’s terrified and because I don’t know what she’s going to do, how she’s going to react when she sees him.” He paused, resuming his fidgeting.

"If and when she gets out of this, will she be under surveillance? Will she even be allowed to go and roam the city again?"

blacknetx whispered: We need to talk. Please see me at your earliest convenience. -LtGen Thomas Zehntner



    Yes sir.

Taking place during Cross speaking to Heller in Lab

"Please, come in and be seated, Soldier, we have a serious matter to discuss."  Zehntner went behind his desk, shuffling through some papers until he found the one he was looking for.  He held it out to Adam.

It was an official order.  An NKO put on an Evolved woman.  And it bore the Lieutenant General’s signature and seal.  ”Do you know what that is?”

He did as he was told, taking a seat, nearly shaking with agitation. He kept running his thumb across the side of his index finger, shoulders tense, expression a mix of concern and seriousness.

He took the offered file, gaze flicking down to the seal, then back up to the Lieutenant General. “Yes sir, I do.”

blacknetx whispered: We need to talk. Please see me at your earliest convenience. -LtGen Thomas Zehntner

    Yes sir.


[Text » <3 ]] I WON’T. I won’t and you know it!

[Text » <3 ]] I didn’t expect you too. 

[Text » <3 ]] Dammit- I’m too much of a coward to even show my face to you. 

[Text » <3 ]] I can’t fix this. I can’t fucking fix anything. Dammit I’m a goddamn idiot

[Text » <3 ]] I’m scared. They could go after Zoey—

[txt] better not

[txt] Fine. Just as long as you’re keeping your head down.

[txt] They fucking better not

[txt] She’s not a threat and she’s not infected. I checked myself.

[txt] And if they DO go after her then I’m having a serious talk with Cross

     [More like he’s going to yell at Cross for bringing his daughter into this.]

[txt] I’m going to send Zoey to a safe place as soon as I get off work and I’ll stay with her as long as I can


[Text » <3 ]] Just please tell me there’s no kill order on me

[Text » <3 ]] If there is I’ll do it myself.

[Text » <3 ]] Adam I fucked up and— Why are you even still talking to me?

[Text » <3 ]] This is my goddamn fault. Shit. Shit shit shit…..


[txt] ..I can’t tell you anything

[txt] I’m sorry